Help us create an unforgettable conference in the middle of Basel

You like to gain more practical skills within the academic world for your future career? Do you like to support other students and to interact abroad the barriers of academic disciplines? Or you are just a really open-minded and social person that likes to meet new people, expanding the own horizon and broaden your network? You have the patience to explain people or show them around? Or you even have a couch at home, perfectly to offer for short sleepovers? 

If you were able to respond most of the above questions with a «YES» please keep reading. You might be a match for our volunteer's team and could earn additional credits through your engagement during SESCAS for your own academic curriculum. 


Offer accommodation

Do you have a free couch in your shared flat, a free bed or even free rooms at your home? Some of the attending Master students might need accommodation for the 3-day SESCAS Conference in Basel. Thus, in the sense of community and solidarity we ask students in Basel to become a host! If you are ready for a pijama party, fill out the form above.

Volunteer at the Conference

You want to learn more about planning an academic conference and gain practical experience? Fill out the form and be a 3-day volunteer for SESCAS Conference.

Become a SESCAS-Ambassador

Sharing is Caring. And we are happy when our community supports us on the social-media platforms. If you would like to let your friends know about our Conference, please fill out the form below and became one of SESCAS Ambassadors.